Artist Statement

I think of my creative process as a journey.  I know that this journey began a long time ago.  I realize that I am a collector traveling through life picking up bits and pieces of memories, items, places, and people along the way: all affecting my work and me.

I concentrate on the accumulation of these things and incorporate multiples and repetition in my work. I examine the ideas of micro and macro within the arrangements of my collections. My curiosity leads me to look for connections and similarities. I integrate.

The materials that I use greatly influence the content of my work.  I am drawn to many different materials and enjoy exploring the unique characteristics of each.  I am not necessarily obedient to a material's intended use, and often find that when the boundaries are pushed, the best results occur.  As a result I consider myself a mixed media artist, first investigating the “stuff” that art can be made from, then examining many concepts and processes that lead to the completion of my ideas.

I also realize that we store the important moments in our sub consciousness, all the information we need has already been gathered and stored along the journey. Where and when do our journeys intersect? We all have commonalities if we search hard enough or look closely. How do we all connect?


Heidi Dauphin is a mixed media artist that moved to the Phoenix area in 2004. Heidi is originally from Michigan where she spent much of her childhood vacations camping and exploring the forests and shorelines of the Great Lake State. From a very early age, she learned to gather and collect many things that would later influence her artwork greatly.
Heidi graduated from the University of Michigan with a BFA in ceramic sculpture and an MFA in ceramics and mixed media. She also pursued a K-12 art education teacher certification program at Eastern Michigan University.

Heidi has had many jobs surrounding art and education. She taught high school art in Tecumseh, Michigan for four years. Upon completion of her MFA, Heidi moved to Boston, Massachusetts and became the Exhibitions Director for the New Art Center in Newton, Massachusetts and ran two galleries. During her 3 years there, she directed 16 different exhibitions.
Since being in Arizona, Heidi has been an Artist-in-Residence, Guest Artist, and Art Teacher at several Phoenix area schools and art programs. Heidi has also partnered with artist, Nina Solomon, to work on public art projects in the Phoenix area. Together they have completed six different large-scale, outdoor projects in three different cities, over the past ten years.

Throughout her career, Heidi has shown her work at many galleries and art centers across the country. Heidi continues to be passionate about creating her own artwork, educating all ages in art, and making art accessible to all.



Sally Casper, photography of most of the work prior to 2002.
Dwight Channer, website design.